A New Method To Customize Power Supplies


High voltage power supply designs are a niche industry. Not many embedded professionals are capable of creating such designs. But now a new approach to power supply designs is set to reduce design time, as well as make these designs more versatile.

High voltage power supply designs are different from low voltage power supply designs in that they not only facilitate current/ voltage conversion, they also control the output of the product. This includes X ray and laser. So it goes without saying, the power supply has to be customized (because you want to control the product).

These new designs are not modular power supplies. In fact, they are made from a mix of technologies. You can use them in different ways according to the needs of your specific application. But to benefit from these designs, users must work with their custom power supply manufacturer. It will help them understand how the designs can improve the performance and functionality of their product.

Another advantage of these new designs is, you can use the circuit elements on other custom power supplies. This enables the embedded developer to respond to clients in weeks and not months. You can even modify these designs to create low power sources to produce high intensity supplies.