A Single SoC to Rule them all

A large electrical appliance contains many integrated chips which perform different functions. Process control, capacitive sensing, user interface- all these are controlled by integrated chips. Can one chip perform all these functions? Yes, it is possible through a Programmable system-on-Chip controller. PSoC controllers have highly interconnected, configurable matrix, which makes them suitable for such designs.

It is a good idea no doubt, but embedded developers must ensure that the controller is low cost, is flexible and can power a range of functions. It requires them to take a different design approach. The first thing to do is integrate the PSoC with a user interface.

It should also be user-ready for capacitive screens. It is well-known that resistive screens are losing their sheen and they are being replaced by capacitive screens. But adapting capacitive screens to large electrical devices is not easy, because these devices produce a considerable amount of electrical noise, which can interfere with the functioning of the capacitive sensors and create false touches. To overcome this, the sensor must have a high signal to noise ratio. Like this, an embedded developer will face many other challenges when he/she is working on a PSoC design for a large electrical device. Embedded developer must be ready for them.