The Advantages of A DSP Centric Online UPS  


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies) play a very important role in interfacing critical loads aspect in various crucial environments. These include medical/life support systems, computers, communication systems and much more. UPS provides the best protection for these devices during blackouts and other power utility problems. Although it provides good protection, online-UPS systems have been the most expensive and complex to install. To fix this problem, DSPs (Digital Single Processors) have been embedded. DSPs are a simple, improved and cost-effective solution as UPSs can now be controlled by software.


Most UPS systems are currently aided by micro-processors that depend on the analog op-amp controls. This means that they don’t have adequate speed to keep up with high frequency inverter controls. DSPs allow for completing complex instructions at high speed and in a single cycle. It is estimated that DSPs can perform over 30 million instructions per second. This leads to a very high sampling rate for digitally controlled inverters.


DSPs are also cost-effective as there is no analog circuitry, thus saving installation and maintenance costs. They also allow for harmonic cancellation in real-time, have sophisticated switching algorithms and can be configured as per your requirements.