Auto Infotainment Solutions and the Integrated Power Regulators

The automotive sector is witnessing a rapid evolution of technologies designed to make the driving experience more enjoyable, greener and safer. But the task is not simple. It requires a deep understanding of embedded and analog technology.

The field of automotive entertainment has also seen rapid growth, putting stringent performance demands on the power systems that supply power to these devices. The location of the power supply on the automotive power bus can affect the performance of the power supply.

Depending on its location, the power supply can be subjected to jump starts, load dumps, high temperatures, and cold crank states. So it becomes vital to select the right device to power these infotainment systems.

Take the audio unit in the console or instrument cluster for instance. The instrument cluster or console is becoming an increasingly crowded place that supports a number of electronic functions.

Providing the required number of DC power rails to these systems can be challenging with most embedded designers resorting to a diverse and complicated combination of regulators.

At the same time, these regulators should meet stringent requirements for thermal, electrical and EMI. In this scenario, integrated regulators can offer a way out. This is one instance where custom power supplies won’t help you, unless you have a custom made car.