Automotive Apps MCU Integrates the Power Supply Functions


The newly developed MCU is a 32-bit microcontroller that can be used for automotive applications. This latest product is designed in such a way that it can be optimally used in both power supply system applicable for batteries and also for power transmission circuitry. The latter is used inside hybrid electric vehicles.


Other than the incorporation of optimal functions in terms of controlling a power supply system, like the 200MHz PWM module on single microcontroller chip, the MCU also supports control of peak current mode. It makes a substantial contribution to the power supply stability as well. System costs are also lowered.


Other than the CAN, and multi-function serial, along with other kinds of network control functions, the chip includes optimal functions for the inclusion of power supply control like the 200MHz PWM module on one microcontroller chip. This new chip controls the digital power supply like digitalization of the power voltage and feedback of analog signal. It also does the computation-centric PWM waveform generation. Modifications to this MCU can be done through software. These new MCU can change the operating frequencies and also the timing of the PWM waveform output depending on the application.