Benefits From Custom Power Supplies


The average power supply is a single function device. But if you want a power supply for a sensitive and sophisticated application, many other factors enter the fray. These include device topology, power output envelope, isolation performance and capability for remote sensing.

Many parameters won’t be specified including the ones we’ve mentioned. So you will have to evaluate the power supply.

Only a custom power supply can fulfill all these requirements. Once you’ve decided to go with a custom power supply, simple measurements can ensure that the power supply meets your needs. Many times, custom power supplies use electronic wizardry to meet requirements.

For instance, it may use remote sensing to arrest voltage drops and ensure programmed voltage is accurately applies to the load. A custom power supply can ensure maximum isolation and insulation. As a result, it can be used with extremely sensitive circuitry.

So in many ways, custom power supplies are necessary to solve applications’ power needs. Embedded engineers must develop the capacity to develop optimal solutions using custom power supplies.

The end is to maximize the performance of the application even as you reduce the total cost of the ownership. In the long term, it can also reduce the risks associated with power supplies.