Bridge Power and Backup Systems

Mission critical systems like data centers and network operation centers require an ongoing supply of power. They are usually backed up by backup power generation systems.

In many cases, these systems cannot be powered by catalog power supplies. You need custom power supplies to power them, considering their unique requirements.

These standby power systems are connected to the mission critical systems through bridge power systems. We call them bridge power systems because they bridge the systems from the power system to the standby power system in case of power failure. Usually, these power systems are designed to run for short durations.

Bridge power systems are essential because the power from the standby power system does not become available instantly. It takes some time to connect to the mission critical systems. Usually, a combination of mission critical power system and bridge system is used because bridge power cannot be used for more than a few minutes because of the high cost involved.

Moreover, wherever you use batteries, there are issues with reliability and maintenance which makes the cost of maintaining a ‘long term bridge’ system prohibitive. In these cases, a custom power systems can be an alternative. Fuel cells are another option.