Custom power supplies to power on-demand pharmacy

MIT researchers have created a compact pharmaceutical manufacturing system, capable of producing medicines on demand. The system is portable. There is only one power system that can ensure the safety of this contraption and that is a custom power supply.

The new machine works just like an emergency power generator that supplies power in case of a power outage. In this case, the system can be put to work to manufacture drugs when there is a sudden disease outbreak or to cope with drug shortage, in case there is a plant shutdown.

According to MIT professor, Allan Myerson, who was involved in developing the device, the system can be deployed as an emergency backup during pharmaceutical manufacturing. He added that the idea was not to replace traditional pharmaceutical manufacturing but to have an alternative ready when special situations arise.

A custom power supply can be very useful in these cases. Usually, such appliances have special requirements in power supply. Suppose you are in Africa. There, you may not get the proper power supply you need to run your portable pharmaceutical manufacturing unit.

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