Custom Power Supply And “Smart Grid” Monitoring System


Custom power supplies are now available for “smart meters” and related data collection systems. These standalone data monitoring systems have a concurrent energy monitoring system which are mounted on utility poles.

The custom power supplies provide power to the energy monitoring system allowing them to be linked to ‘smart grid’ advanced metering infrastructure.

Don’t forget that pole mounted power supplies have to endure special conditions like extreme heat or cold. Occasionally, they may also have to bear high transients. This is where custom power supplies are useful.

Custom power supplies can not only reduce the cost of operating the device, but also improve the performance of the device while extending its useful life. Like this, they can play a vital role in improving the efficiency and reliability of the energy grid.

On the opposite side, custom power supplies are very hardy and can even handle high transient surges such as those produced by lightning. Careful selection of components and expert design will ensure that these compact power supplies work for years together even under the most demanding temperature conditions.

This is a new exciting field for embedded engineers with the increasing awareness about climate change and global warming.