Decreasing Vehicle Fatalities

Vehicular fatalities have drastically increased on the US roads. There are several factors that have been blamed for causing road accidents and one of the primary factors is the use of smartphones while driving. Statistics indicates that 10% of all driving-related deaths are a direct result of smartphone usage while driving.

As a way to address this issue and to decrease the number of vehicular accidents on the road, the automobile industry is developing “accident free cars” through the incorporation of autonomous driving features.

One such development in the field comes from Freescale Semiconductor. The company is working on an automotive vision system, which is embedded onto a chip (SoC). The system will be known as S32V and will play a key role in making cars accident-free.

This particular SoC will pack several capabilities including sensor data-fusion capabilities, high-end vision algorithms, and will also provide security against wireless attacks. The security feature to prevent wireless attacks is one of the SoC’s most useful features, considering the level of connectivity cars possess today.

The S32V will work with existing safety features such as cruise control systems, lane departure warning systems, blind-spot detection, road-sign recognition systems to provide a more enhanced and safer driving experience.