Electronic Broadcast Technology and Everyday Applications

Electronic broadcast technology is an inseparable part of life. The radio you are hearing is the best example of electronic broadcast technology. A custom power supply is inherent to the use of portable (professional) radio receivers.

Professional radio communication is operation critical and puts high demands on the DC/AC conversion process. The embedded technology inside these devices protects against over-voltage and EMI. So embedded technology and custom power supplies are in a symbiotic relationship here.

A custom power supply allows you to go with various output voltages and protects your system against overvoltage. There are no EMI (electro-magnetic transient) emissions either.

Usually, you will find that a microcontroller enabled power adapter communicates with the battery pack and host device. The production of these individual power supplies needs considerable skill and awareness of technical requirements. You need years of R&D experience and close collaboration with customers. Only then you can create these custom products.

You also need a variety of resources in hardware development, mechanical development, software development, project management, quality management, and more. These are further split into a variety of sub resources. For example, software development for a custom power supply requires deep knowledge of digital controls, use and host interface realization and awareness of safety mechanisms.