Embedded Designs Troubleshooting

 Embedded engineers need reliable data for their work. These details should be reliable and they must get them quickly. If you want the design to comply with regulations on electromagnetic compatibility, you will have to take measures early in the process.

Without this, embedded electromagnetic interference debugging becomes a big problem. There are two main culprits in electromagnetic interference- power amplifiers and switching power supplies. In this context, a digital oscilloscope can help you debug some of the issues.

Original equipment managers are facing new challenges in the form of demands for denser designs that must fit in small spaces, increased competition and regulatory pressures. Because of this embedded engineers are having a touch time implementing protections against application malfunction.

All markets are feeling the impact of low cost application design and enhanced microcontroller sensitivity. There may be significant differences in designing and using such products but the susceptibility induced in microcontroller applications remain the same.

Some common susceptibilities are unexpected changes in state and on-chip clock signal corruption. These can lead to operational issues in the design itself. In addition, this can lead to failure in meeting electromagnetic compatibility compliance regulations. A likely solution is a custom power supply.