Embedded Sensors and Smart Clothes

Smartclothes has been the buzz word in 2015. And this trend is here to stay. Why? Who wants to carry multiple devices while trying to achieve a million tasks in a day? People want to manage meetings, workouts and entertainment, all in a matter of 24 hours. They need the support of technology to do everything quick and smooth.

So a brilliant solution comes in the form of conductive fibers used in e-textiles. These fibers are incorporated into the fabric using standard textile methods. They can provide power to microcontrollers, actuators, and sensors that are embedded into the cloth. Communication is controlled using software and radio signals can be sent via the internet through IEEE 802.11 wireless protocols or Bluetooth to smart devices.

The health and fitness industry has been taking the maximum advantage of these embedded sensors to make smart clothes. We saw the introduction of smart shirts and other health-related wearables in 2015. The smart shirt, with embedded sensors, can measure your breathing rate, heart rate and your workout intensity. In addition to this, it can also determine the amount of sleep you have been getting. It is made with a specific Italian fabric (machine washable) and comes with a compatible application that stores all the information for you!