Engagement Rules

Designing a product can be very frustrating, especially when you do not have the proper specifications. This is something that applies to even embedded systems design.

That’s why there are certain “rules of engagement” to be followed. Following these will certainly minimize problems and increase productivity.

Here are a few of those “rules”.

  • Avoid assuming anything. Assumption is the mother of all mistakes. So, make it a point to know what the expectations are from your employer and the end-user. Implicit execution of tasks isn’t always the wisest option.
  • Get to know the project. Understanding the project goes beyond just knowing the requirements. Your project is a part of a much larger system and knowing what’s happening will make ensure that your contributions fit in better.
  • Learn the hardware. If you are working with newer technology, then a smart thing to do would be to actually learn about it. Once you have an understanding of how the new system operates, you will be able to create better results. The learning process can be long. But, any form of preparation will work to your benefit.
  • Start documenting. This will serve as a form of reference and might even offer solutions when a similar problem crops up. For instance, if you are debugging, you can always go back and see what happened. It will also help you keep a track of changes and conflicts arising out of those changes.