Enhancing Internet of Things Projects with Human Interface Design

Human interface devices include pointing devices like mouse, keyboards and gaming devices. Many of these devices are USB-based. Now a company called Digital Core has developed a new platform (hardware) that will enable further improvement of such USB-based devices.

The new development is good news for the Internet of Things. The new platform contains an optimized software stack, which will speed up the development of Internet of Things projects. The new platform will be beneficial for both embedded software and hardware development. Incidentally, the platform  contains a low power 8 bit CPU called DP8051, a new innovation for such systems.

Many keyboards, mouse and other e-equipment are dependent on stable USB connections. Until now, a truly independent embedded and programmable system-on-chip device was missing, which was a real challenge to embedded systems designers. Digital Core has now fulfilled this demand through its Human Interface Design platform. Advances in embedded development are essential to realize the full potential of the Internet of Things. This latest development will take us one step closer to the truly independent IoT devices, which can take their own decisions and are not dependent on their mother device for inputs.