Healthier Air Inside Your Home

Thanks to the internet and the advocacy by pollution control groups, many people are aware of the ill effects of outdoor air pollution. However, while we are concerned about the effects of polluted outdoor air, we are nonchalant about indoor air pollution.

Indoor air pollution is also a reality. Have you ever heard about carbon monoxide poisoning? What about dust allergies from airborne dust particles? How about pollen allergies? Many technology companies have now developed embedded devices that are capable of ‘smelling’ polluted air inside your home. One such company is NEST.

NEST has developed smart embedded devices to detect smoke and carbon monoxide in real time. NEST and other companies have actually boosted embedded development in the realm of pollution control, whether indoor or outdoor. Many of these technologies can also be modified to detect outdoor air pollution.

NEST currently has two products – a thermostat and a CO/smoke detector. NEST Protect (the CO/smoke detector) not only sounds an alarm in case of a fire, it can also tell you the exact problem. If you are away from home, you can program your NEST Protect to send a message to your smartphone. Such embedded devices are also being incorporated into baby monitors, thermostats and digital night lights.