Intelligent Gateway

In a report titled “The Global Market for IoT & Intelligent Gateways”, research firm VDC points out that the intelligent gateway segment is the fastest growing segment and also, the largest with regard to the IoT gateway market.

An intelligent gateway is what supports the development and deployment of a range of services and applications that are connected.  These services will be relevant to brownfield and greenfield environments. It is believed that the intelligent gateway will support advance and legacy environments, support advanced computing, and offer more security.

In other words, it is the 2.0 version of IoT.

However, there may be implications for businesses that want to benefit from IoT 2.0. It is definitely possible for businesses to incorporate IoT 2.0 into their business operations. But, there are bound to be questions. For instance, will the gateway offer the kind of connectivity that the respective business specifically requires? Will the business need extra bridge hardware?

The point is businesses need customized applications that will address their specific requirements. Fortunately, with design resources being available for the intelligent gateway, developers from hardware and embedded software backgrounds can make use of their expertise to find customized solutions for a range of businesses.