IoT Based Surveillance and Local Intelligence

For quite a few years, the network-based security and surveillance industry have been undergoing tremendous progress with help from IP based cameras. However, with IoT surveillance making its entry, the network-based surveillance industry will be turned into a mass surveillance infrastructure. This intertwining of network based surveillance and IoT based surveillance is forcing local devices like cameras to become smart and connected.

To put it simply, cameras will now have to be incorporated with features such as embedded vision analytics to process data on their own. In fact, it will become imperative for cameras to gain processing power.

For instance, not only will surveillance cameras have to use their object or facial recognition capabilities to identify people, they will have to check if the identified individual has authorized access to the building or home. Added to that, they will have to decipher the situational context. For example, is the person in area they are prohibited from entering or have they entered by accident?

The cameras will also be able to notify the concerned individuals in real-time. Plus, shifting the task of processing to the cameras will reduce the burden on network or cloud servers, thereby speeding up the overall process.