It’s Power all the Way

Technological advancements have introduced a number of power solutions. Embedded developers, who are at the forefront of the embedded revolution, should take advantage of these power solutions to make better products. The market trends also reflect this.

The embedded signal processing industry shifted its focus to power issues from performance concerns. The hardware solutions used by the growth markets largely satisfy their performance requirements whether it is automotive entertainment, digital home entertainment, advanced safety devices or consumer hand held electronics.

On the other hand, power efficiency is a hot subject and this concern is for all the electronic devices and not just battery powered devices. No doubt, some of this is driven by ‘green’ thinking but most of it is led by battery life, battery capacity and power dissipation.

Vendors across the industry who are making products ranging from RF blocks, audio amplifiers to power supplies have begun to introduce low power design elements into their devices. Embedded designers are also contributing to this change, especially manufacturers of custom power supplies.