Making Reliable Cheap Cameras Possible


Action cameras are all the rage right now when YouTube and other social media outlets are the center of various kinds of film making. Camera technology has reached a stage where it is possible for just about anyone to shoot high definition, wide angle footage. Drones and selfie sticks are also making the art of video capturing personal and breathtaking, to say the least. All of that though, comes at a price. A decent action camera will cost anywhere between $400 and $500.

Most of the money will go toward the hardware, rugged cases and weather proofing. High quality video does not always require top end hardware. Both real-time as well as post processing tweaks are possible through dedicated, embedded software. Digital files can be upscaled, stabilized, corrected and made more presentable. Building such cameras can be made even cheaper when materials and embedded development is sourced locally and with products that are currently available in the market. When the cameras are built in a modular fashion, there is literally no end to the different additions and modifications that can be made; from interchangeable lenses to variable battery packs, protection cases and storage as well as connectivity and transfer options.