Meeting exacting needs of electrical equipment


Some electrical applications have exacting requirements. Most of these demands come from the industrial, telecommunication, automation and medical equipment sector.


The military is another customer for such applications. In fact, defense equipment are some of the most power-intensive and demanding machines there are in the world.


To design power supplies for defense equipment, you need a thorough understanding of performance requirements, environmental factors and testing conditions. In these cases, only a custom power supply can help.


When such equipment are involved, embedded engineers are asked to take special care. High expectations about reliability are often communicated.


Combine this with the harsh environment (where these devices are put to work) and the aggressive expectations about weight, power profiles and size required, you can see the pressure embedded engineers are under.


Thankfully, there are proven concepts and topologies to design custom power supplies. If you don’t have a specification ready, ask the vendor to help you determine your requirements and what will be the best way to find a solution.


Don’t forget to inquire about the vendor’s design capabilities before entrusting the job to him. Under these circumstances, you can build a reliable and rugged custom power supply.