Monitoring Current in Real Time  


Electricity is increasing in importance. Concurrently, a number of tools exist to measure how much power a device consumes. One innovative product in this content is the Real Time Current Monitor and it is making waves.

Some systems must run their batteries for weeks or even years without changing the battery or even a recharge (like some MCUs). This means, they have to be very anorexic in their power consumption. To measure such a small power uptake, you need a very sensitive power monitor. The Real Time Current Monitor records power in the nA range and that too in real time.

So if you are looking for a monitor that can give accurate readings of static power, this is the system you want. The only drawback is, it won’t help your profile systems that keep changing their power consumption from nA to mA and back. Still, it is good news for embedded designers working with MCUs. Thanks to them, we have MCUs that work with just tens of microamps.

The latest version of this device has two outputs, which is even better because the latest controllers can work across a range of low power modes. The new version offers connectivity for both display and control of power, current and voltage. It can certainly make the job easier for embedded developers.