Monitoring Perfect Tire Pressure

Driving on a flat tire is dangerous because the vehicle may careen and hit other vehicles on the road. Even if you are not worried about your own safety, you should be concerned about the safety of your loved ones. It can also damage the wheel, an additional expense! Driving on deflated tires can also reduce the fuel efficiency of your vehicle drastically.

Is there any way you can be protected from these issues? Yes, there is. Install a microelectromechanical tire pressure monitor in the tire. An MEMS system is the latest fruit of embedded development. Not bigger than a quarter, these tiny devices can inform you if your tires are not inflated to the optimum level. Incidentally, many fleet drivers deflate their tires purposely, according to the loads on their vehicles.

Currently, embedded developers have designed MEMS systems that informs driver about how much air a tire holds and when to add more air. Soon, you will have smart tires that will inform you when and how they should be rotated and when to replace them. But there is no doubt that even the existing MEMS systems can help vehicle owners (including heavy machinery and commercial truck drivers) achieve significant savings.