Moving to 400 VDC Can Make Energy Supply Chains more Efficient

Energy supply chains are pressured to deliver electrical power in a more efficient manner. Many governments are pushing an eco-friendly agenda of 20 percent reduction in greenhouse gases and energy consumption. There is also a push for a 20 percent reliance on power generated from renewable resources within 2020. These stand even when there is a massive increase in the count of important power consumers like data centers as networks, voice and data merge and converge. Demands from users rise by 10 percent every year.

In such a scenario, transition to the 400 VDC when it comes to power distribution and subsequent conversion will go on to satisfy all greenhouse gas, renewable energy, and efficiency aims.

DC is preferred over conventional AC for a number of reasons. There is no need for DC power to need source synchronization like AC- a big plus for custom power supplies. It can draw on solar and wind and even from grid as the source becomes available. Harmonic issues and phase balancing becomes inconsequential and there will be no issues related to “stranded” equipment. The need for expensive infrastructure investments also becomes redundant.