Power Factor Correction and Basics of AC/DC LED

Light emitting diodes are finding increased applications in area illumination designs. This is mainly on account of their efficiency.

It is well known the efficiency of LED lights is much higher than standard incandescent bulbs. Embedded engineers have discovered the LED lights are actually better for some designs compared to other sources of light.

LED bulbs are simple but they are non resistive and non linear. Because of this LED bulbs present singular drive issues which can affect the power factor in the AC line.

Manufacturing tolerance embeds fundamental variations in all LEDs. But this can be addressed by proper driving.

Like all other electronic components, LEDs have to be driven properly for better reliability, longer lifetime and improved efficiency. In such situations, custom power supplies can have immense applications.

There are many methods for driving LEDs. Some parameters that affect the choice of final driving method are Vf mismatch (between the LEDs), junction temperature of LEDs, color accuracy and dimming. Finally, the application will decide whether you choose a simple or complicated driving method.

Custom power supplies consider all these factors when you choose them to illuminate an area with LED.