Power Supply with Synchronized Frequency


The medical device industry is on the cusp of a technological revolution. New generation medical equipment are just around the corner. Hundreds of tech companies are at work trying to find ways to simplify medical treatment and improve standards of treatment. This means, embedded engineers in the field have their hands full at the moment.

In this sector, medical imaging devices is an especially promising sector. Portable imaging devices is a good example of such a device. Ultrasound machines are often used as diagnostic devices. They provide a non-invasive way to look inside the body; which is much safer than doing the same with surgical tools.

But there is a catch here. Many of these new equipment have special needs. They need synchronized frequency power supply but that the technology is still not widely available. Custom power supplies, if adopted, can really make a difference here. For instance, the portable ultrasound equipment is a custom device and this cannot be served by a catalog power supply.

Portable imaging devices are very sensitive. Any interference (electrical or magnetic) can cause the image to become degraded. In extreme cases, even false images can be displayed. Such inaccurate images can lead to inappropriate treatment or diagnosis, which is unacceptable. Custom power supplies are a solution to this problem.