Protecting the Body from Radiation


Many people are afraid of exposing themselves to unwanted radiation from electronic equipment (also called EMF pollution). This is unwarranted because radio spectrum radiation (emitted by radios, mobile phones, WiFi, MRI, microwave ovens, RADAR) is non-ionizing.

On the other hand, medical x-rays, cosmic gamma rays, bone scans emit ionizing radiation which can damage DNA. Some people have a tendency to keep their mobile phones in their pant pockets and they are worried about how the radiation might affect their reproductive organs.

The good news is, embedded engineers are already working to reduce radiation from electronic devices like mobile phones. But until they find viable answers, people will continue to worry.

One enterprising company has developed a range of EMF safe underwear which supposedly protects against cell phone radiation. The underwear uses a special fiber, containing a pure silver mesh, which actually provides the protection. However, one study of the underwear’s radiation proof properties did not show any discernable signs of protection.

Maybe, there is no need to fear after all. Some people have been working with radios for decades (like HAM operators) and they have not been affected by any radiation. So the question of whether we really need such protective clothing is ‘debatable’.