Quality Of The Open Source

When it comes to embedded software, the industry is divided into two camps: one prefers proprietary software and the rest Open Source all the way. The first group points to the lack of control on Open Source systems. They also complain about how difficult it is to get quality support for the product.  Those who support Open Source software, rebut by saying that proprietary software has its share of security issues right from day one after launch.

There have been studies conducted to test the quality and integrity of open source software, and it has been found that open source software in fact, have lesser defects than proprietary software. Linux has been the most consistent in terms of the quality of the code, and remains a benchmark

Open source software is considered to be a better option by companies as well. First and foremost because of better quality, followed by lower cost and security. Advocates of proprietary software often claim that proprietary software is created by experts in the field. The truth, however, is that in many cases, companies hire juniors to create the program. Even Open Source Software are created by juniors, but it is easy to figure out who handled what task as it is tracked in the bug tracking software.