Shrinking the Power System

Power distribution is critical to any electronic system. Other than optimizing the efficiency of the custom power supplies, the list of other assorted complaints includes reduction of EMI and making sure that the system stays rugged. It is essential to develop power chains which occupy less space- thus permitting room for the system’s other components.

Choose smaller components

It is an excellent idea to choose components that are high power density optimized. It is self-evident that use of smaller components reduces the needed space. The rise of power density means waste heat must be taken away from smaller volumes. These require better thermal efficiency that can be obtained from the new innovative packages.

No heat sinks

The heat sinks are heavy and big items which could dramatically increase the needed space. The size of custom power supplies will increase if forced air cooling is needed. Reliability also goes for a toss. Space can be reduced by the elimination of heat sinks.

Hide power components

Unused places can be found in even the most space constrained applications. To give an example, rack mount systems does not make much use of space behind the door and in the cabinet sides. If power system parts are put in seemingly unusable spaces, it helps in leaving much needed room for rest of the concerned system.