Simplified Tracking of Distributed Loads Through Power Supply Controller


A newly invented controller for the tracking of single power supply simplifies tracking requirements of the complex architectures of distributed power. The sequencing needs of such a system are satisfied as well. This compact device is housed inside an eight lead SOT-23. It is also kept inside a 3 by 2 millimeter DFN package. The device, for the virtue of being compact, can also be conveniently positioned at the point of load. Since the trace length is minimized to sensitive feedback node belonging to the DC-to-DC converter, this controller effectively minimizes all losses due to drops in voltage. The controller also overcomes the EMI issues and noise sensitivity.


The controller introduces the current into feedback node of the independent supply. This results in the output to track a master supply or yet another supply. The simple resistor configuration results in a ramp up and also ramp down with a number of different ramp rates. There could also be time delays or voltage offsets relative to the master signal. It enables the various power profiles for the digital logic circuits at the time of power up and also at the time of power down. The controller is thus suited for all systems using FPGAs, DSPs and CPLDs.