The Benefits of Utilizing Digital Power Modules

Digital power is an important technology to reduce power consumption and manage increasing complexity of upcoming electronic systems. Digital power modules have the best features of power modules and digital power. Already we are seeing a trend towards high efficiency power conversion modules because of their high reliability, high integration and flexibility.

Digital power management is used in data servers, smart hand held devices and wireless base stations. They give real time intelligence and enable developers to design power systems that optimize efficiency and adapt to their environment.

Embedded engineers working on digital power modules have a lot to gain in terms of experience and performance. Moreover, digital power modules can make the design of a high power custom power supply simpler. Intelligent digital power systems can automatically compensate for changes in system temperature and load.

The good news is, there are many new digital control schemes that can help you achieve enhanced transient performance with reduced output caps. Features like adaptive dead time control, dynamic voltage scaling and robust protection under fault conditions enable high energy savings and optimum system performance.

With just a few output and input caps, you can build a complete custom power supply. Basically, power module integrated circuits can make the job of designing power supplies easy and simple.