The Importance of Good Communication in Embedded Software Development

Software developers, including embedded systems developers use many terms which might not make sense to a layman. For example, you might have your colleagues use words like agile, lean, iterative approach and scrum methodology. What they actually want to say is they are going to be flexible when they write the code, which means that they are aware that product plans might change and they are prepared for such changes if and when they happen.

But that communication gets lost in the noise. This only goes to say that effective communication is critical between clients and developers and even between the developers, during the development of an embedded system.

Consider this scenario. The project has started off well. The team has been briefed and jobs have been assigned. But as the project pushes ahead, team members begin to lose track of what their colleagues are doing. While it is good that they are focused on their jobs assigned to them, if they don’t communicate, they can easily begin to work in silos. In the process, they will lose sight of the bigger goal. Thankfully, there are many ways to communicate effectively like face-to-face conversations, video, email, phone and even face-to-face whiteboard discussions.