The Rise Of Solar Energy And How Embedded Development Makes it All Possible?

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things is destined for great things. Many companies are already developing industrial applications for the IoT. IIOT or Industrial IoT is a scenario where devices, machines and sensors will be connected to the internet to enable remote control and monitoring of industrial operations. Leading consulting company, Accenture says that industrial IoT applications can transform companies and economies and open a new chapter in economic competitiveness and growth.

One enterprising embedded development company is trying to get companies to switch to solar energy to power their upcoming IIOT networks. The company, Linear Technologies has developed a solar powered embedded wireless mesh network, called SmartMesh IP. The network was unveiled at the recently held Hannover Fair 2015. This is really a pathbreaking development and the company’s embedded developers deserve full marks for conceptualizing and developing such a system.

SmartMesh IP is built on IEEE 802.15.4e and 6LoWPAN standards and it is IP compatible. The company has shown that the network is highly reliable, scalable and resilient, while consuming up to 8 times less power than contemporary networks, even in dynamically changing and harsh RF environments. The network is capable of achieving data reliability of 99.999% and does not need network stack.