Wide Area of IoT Specification

Weightless SIG is working toward introducing new LP-WAN into the market. The new standard for low-power WAN will be aimed at IoT applications that cannot be catered to by the prevalent wireless networks. The new standard looks to strengthen real-time bi-directional communication between devices powered by batteries as well as base stations covering distances of up to 2 km in demanding urban scenarios.

The idea behind the new standard is the re-use of TV whitespace to serve as its operating frequency. The Weightless-N that was introduced in May, aimed at providing low-cost, one-way communication at reduced data rates. However, there are other applications which might need a two-way communication rather than one-way. Such applications can be supported by Weightless-P. The data rate available will be adaptable, from 200 bps up to 100,000 bps, depending on the quality of link.

Some features of the new technology are: display of real-time information on production batches in factories. It will indicate current status and subsequent actionable items. Bi-directional communication will also allow authentication of messages and provide other features that one-way communication systems do not offer.