Antenna for Operating on 1559MHz to 1609MHz Bands

A new embedded GNSS antenna has been launched by Antenova, an antenna specialist in Hatfield. The new antenna named Sinica will work on satellite bands between 1559MHz-1609MHz. Sinica operates in coordination with all constellations (public satellite) of GPS, Galileo, Baidou, and GLONASS. The antenna is designed to provide precise positioning along with coverage of the entire world.

Specially designed for devices that require exact positioning or tracking around the globe, Sinica can be successfully embedded in mobile devices, drones, wearable devices, and trackers. The arrival of Sinica marks a major progress in optimum utilization of tracking devices.

The antenna has been constructed out of dielectric constant laminate substrates and FR4 materials. With a new outlook toward designing Sinica, the company created an antenna with a ceramic patch, which could be embedded precisely inside a small circuit board.

The product designers from Antenova recently presented the idea of “design for integration”. As the name suggests, DFI will consider in what manner the device will work when it is placed and integrated into the manufacturer’s product. Antenova’s antennas can be used within a customer or manufacturer’s product, they are especially designed to offer top-notch performance when connected to the gadget.