Appeal of USB Type C

The Type-C connector, launched in 2014, managed to find acceptance in several devices including the latest Apple MacBook and the Google Pixel Chromebook. The connector has also been adopted by Nokia. So what is making the USB Type-C connector so popular among a range of devices?

T Type-A USB connector is already found in all devices, whether cars or computers. But there is something about the USB Type-C connector which is encouraging everyone to give up the connectors that they have been using for years. It also has some implications for the embedded designers.

The connector’s “flip ability” is its most user-friendly feature. We can note some key catalysts driving the quick adoption of the USB Type-C connector. The most important is the highly rapid launch of commercial manufacturing host products which have incorporated this USB Type-C connector. The Type-C is just a year old but sophisticated, high-end products like the Pixel Chromebook and Apple MacBook now come equipped with this latest connector.

The technology market has been supercharged by the fast-paced launch of these premium hosts and pushed the other peripheral and USB host manufacturers to also get Type-C connectivity.