Application-specific RTOSs

The embedded technology industry is divided on the use of RTOS. A few industry experts say that RTOSs should never be used, while others insist on using only RTOS. They could play an important role in litigation support.

Generally RTOSs are not made knowing specific applications that will be run on the system. An application specific RTO makes is easier for applications to adapt their policies as per the RTO they are being run on. A method called reflection is used so that applications and system modules can easily access the data structure of an operating system. Once the data structure is accessed, the application can then get the relevant information about resource management and system performance of the operating system. With this newly-gained information, new policies can either be modified or introduced to the real time operating system by the application in a way that meets its demands.

Now, with the introduction of the Internet of Things, companies are either looking towards getting RTOS experts or a tool that can easily generate an application specific RTOS. Companies who require these tools or experts cannot find the time to learn how the RTOS is generated, so they find it easier to pay a team of experts or one expert who knows how to use a tool that can generate an application-specific RTOS.