ARM Develops New Chipset for Internet of Things

 ARM has just given the Internet of Things a shot in the arm. The company recently announced that is has developed a new chipset called Cortex-M7, which it said will give a tremendous boost to IoT development.

According to the company, the new chipset gives manufacturers additional leverage because it combines multiple processors on a single chip, doing away with the need for the separate processors that connect devices to networks.

The company has already identified new applications for the processor like smart control systems for industrial automation, advanced image and audio processing, motor control, vehicle applications and smart home devices for IoT.

General Manager of ARM CPU group, Noel Hurley said that the new processor was highly versatile and contained new memory functions. He also said that it will enable the company and its partners around the world, to offer more compatible and scalable software services.

Cortex-M7 has two times the computing and signal processing power of any current microcontoller from the ARM stable. It also incorporates the same C friendly model of its predecessors. The company is hoping the new product will be enthusiastically taken up by the market, including high growth sectors such as wearables and IoT.