Auto Power Management Embedded Software / Hardware

For more than a decade Gwentech Embedded has been designing automotive power management embedded software, hardware and applications to optimize manufacturing, service, testing and safety.

Our expert engineers in automotive power management systems design take your specifications and turn them into fully-functional equipment that is designed to withstand extreme environments, make each process faster, and test any parameters.

Gwentech Embedded designs custom programs and embeddable hardware for automotive power management in a variety of applications, and can design unique systems for your needs.

Previous applications include test fixtures and design verification for PCB manufacturing, web applications to integrate embedded devices to databases for the automotive industry, and custom Android operating systems for consumer-oriented and industrial HMIs.

We build our automotive power management systems to be certified under CE and CSA standards.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, be isolated from environmental interference, equipped with ESD protection are thoroughly tested and verified for quality, safety, efficacy and cost - in every situation.

Gwentech Embedded works from the U.S. with an on-site engineering team that will help install and implement any hardware or software you are using.

With a team of engineers working near your location, custom hardware and software systems can be altered and perfected during the design phase to ensure the product meets your needs.

bigstock6_1Gwentech engineers who are experienced with automotive designs and applications stay in touch with your engineering team to help create seamless integration when installed.

Our team will also work personally and individually with your in-house engineers to ensure all hardware and software is properly installed and completely understood, so you can start using your new systems immediately with virtually no downtime between installation and use.

Learn more about custom automotive power management systems designed through Gwentech Embedded.

Optimize your system with customized hardware, software and applications built especially for your equipment and products.

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Primary Development Tools

  •     Visual Studio
  •     GNU Tools (Compilers, Linkers, etc)
  •     Unity3D
  •     Android Development Tools
  •     Various compilers specific to ICs
  •     Blender

Designing for

  •     Manufacturability for 10+ years
  •     Serviceability
  •     Extreme temperatures
  •     Isolation
  •     High Frequency Interference, ESD
  •     CE and CSA Standards

Mobile devices and web-based software are constructed using:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Studio
  • .NET
  • ASP.NET and ASP.



Gwentech works in the following industries



We will find a software solution.

Our Capabilities
Embedded Firmware
  • C/C++ and Assembly
  • 8/16/32-Bit Embedded Microcontrollers - Atmel, TI, Freescale, 8051s
  • Embedded Microprocessors - Coldfire, ARM
  • Communication Components
  • DSPs
Primary Development Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • GNU Tools (Compilers, Linkers, etc)
  • Unity3D
  • Android Development Tools
  • Various compilers specific to ICs
  • Blender
Software Languages and Technologies
  • C, C++, C#
  • Java JavaScript
  • Visual Studio, .NET
  • Assembly
Typical Applications
  • Real Time Control for Power Supplies
  • Test Fixtures PC applications
  • Device Drivers
  • Custom Android Builds
  • Stepper Motor and Servo Control