Embedded Software for Auto Simulations and Tests

The hardware and software behind your manufacturing, industrial, production and testing procedures is vital.

Systems that are specialized to your products and equipment help to make a secure, reliable, and efficient production line. Using the right technology throughout your plant can give you better data, faster results, and minimal downtime.

Installing the right embedded hardware for automotive simulations and tests is imperative to gathering usable data, ensuring that each product meets safety specifications and that your consumers are properly protected.

Gwentech Embedded creates sophisticated designs that are easy to use and that will withstand rigorous testing environments. From the user interface to the underlying programming framework to the physical components that support the technology, every facet of the design is carefully considered.

Futuristic touchscreenOur embedded hardware or software can be used to test equipment in a wide variety of environments and gather data accurately - performing in extreme temperatures typical of the industry and working conditions, backed by software designs that monitor the environment and the item being tested without causing damage to the system.

Gwentech Embedded systems are certified according to CE and CSA standards, making them safe and long-lasting. ESD protection makes systems immune to high-frequency interference and protects delicate and expensive technology - preventing unexpected problems or failures.

All systems are thoroughly tested and verified before they arrive at your plant, and our engineers will work at your site to properly install this equipment and ensure each member of your staff understands its controls.

Gwentech Embedded is an American company providing complete custom software and hardware solutions for automotive simulation and testing.

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Primary Development Tools

  •     Visual Studio
  •     GNU Tools (Compilers, Linkers, etc)
  •     Unity3D
  •     Android Development Tools
  •     Various compilers specific to ICs
  •     Blender

Designing for

  •     Manufacturability for 10+ years
  •     Serviceability
  •     Extreme temperatures
  •     Isolation
  •     High Frequency Interference, ESD
  •     CE and CSA Standards

Mobile devices and web-based software are constructed using:

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Visual Studio
  • .NET
  • ASP.NET and ASP.



Gwentech works in the following industries



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Our Capabilities
Embedded Firmware
  • C/C++ and Assembly
  • 8/16/32-Bit Embedded Microcontrollers - Atmel, TI, Freescale, 8051s
  • Embedded Microprocessors - Coldfire, ARM
  • Communication Components
  • DSPs
Primary Development Tools
  • Visual Studio
  • GNU Tools (Compilers, Linkers, etc)
  • Unity3D
  • Android Development Tools
  • Various compilers specific to ICs
  • Blender
Software Languages and Technologies
  • C, C++, C#
  • Java JavaScript
  • Visual Studio, .NET
  • Assembly
Typical Applications
  • Real Time Control for Power Supplies
  • Test Fixtures PC applications
  • Device Drivers
  • Custom Android Builds
  • Stepper Motor and Servo Control