Boosting Batteries in Mobile Phones

Mobile technology has reached a level where processing power and its capabilities have reached what was once considered super computer proportions. It is a plain fact that all the computers used by NASA to put people on the moon was much inferior than an average smartphone of this generation. However, even the strongest phone, is limited by the extent of its battery. It is safe to say that battery technology did not grow as fast as the devices it powers. While research on building better batteries is underway, making devices work better is the shorter way forward.

Embedded software in mobile devices can speed up processors, making them less power hungry and at the same time crunch more numbers, in less time. The result will be a longer lasting battery, and studies have shown that such embedded devices can work at levels that consume 30% less power when compared to existing dual cluster systems. While the mobile phone market right now is completely controlled and dominated by a mere three or four stakeholders; embedded software can be worked into the hardware and away from the operating system and behind the interface that end users will come into contact with.