Should you buy or make a custom power supply


Every electronics project requires a stable and reliable power supply unit. Electronic enthusiasts and other people who regularly build circuits know that a well designed power supply automatically eliminates the most damaging problems in a circuit. But when time and other resources are limited, you may wonder if it is alright to simply build one from a scratch or visit a local vendor.


The first consideration is the uniqueness of the power supply unit for the project. There are plenty of power supply ICs in the market and a simple Google search will give you access to tons of reference designs for your power supply unit. Using the tools at your disposal, you can create a power supply that perfectly fits your project’s requirements and even add multiple modes as needed.


On the other hand, if your project can function on a standard power supply unit that is available at your local vendor, you can save plenty of time by simply purchasing it. However, remember that if you have builT your own power supply, you can reinforce it with components that have higher ratings and more tolerance towards short circuits and other problems.