Cabling the Custom Power Supply


Cabling is very important in custom power supplies. The cabling should be a perfect fit for the power supply and machine under consideration. For example, in a standard power supply, you will always find unused cable, bundled up and tucked inside the box. If the case is small, this jumble of cables can interfere with the air flow. Moreover, such power supplies are not efficient. Why?

Each time, you give a connection inside the power supply, it puts more load on the circuit (impedance), making the system less efficient. We have improved connectors now. But they are still nowhere as efficient as a straight wire.

Despite this, most users are willing to do with connectors because of the convenience though they knew connectors reduce the efficiency of the system. The real issue is not the connectors but the rather the lack of standards therein.

This issue has come to a head in custom power supplies. Even when the connectors look similar, their pin-outs may differ. If you have a number of power supplies from different brands, this can be a big problem.

Custom power supply makers should make allocations for these things when they are designing custom units. Finally, power supply makers should agree on one set of standards. Then there won’t be any problem even if you change the connectors.