Challenges to Rapid Prototyping in Embedded Technology

Rapid prototyping for embedded devices is a tricky affair. You have to be inventive because there are so few systems to scale against. It is often noticed that when it comes to rapid prototyping, design decisions tend to be taken in isolation. Moreover, if you base your embedded system designs on open source designs, you are probably going to have problems at some point because you are not aware of the knowledge used to make the design.

Without discussing the change with the team that created the open source design, you probably won’t find out why the changes were made. Don’t be alarmed if the design does not correlate to the data sheet recommendations on some points.

But it is not so difficult as it looks. There are many websites where you can take help from other people on the problems that you are facing with the software development or the embedded design. Some websites have also uploaded resources for the same. Once you have chosen the design, the next problem is how you are going to reduce the cost if you decide to mass produce it. Costs can be reduced by a bit by replacing some parts with less expensive parts.