Custom Power Supplies in Oil And Gas Exploration


Custom power supplies are also finding applications in the oil and gas sector. These are fully customized devices and they power ‘down hole’ instruments.

Down hole instruments are used to log real time data on rock positions and formations. They can collect data in extremely harsh environments. There are many kinds of data logging tools but all of them must be capable of withstanding temperatures well past the recommended operating conditions for semiconductor devices.

There are two kinds of down hole instruments. They are wireline tools and logging while drilling (LWD)/measurement while drilling (MWD) tools. Wireline tools are powered by the wireline. They are pushed down the bore hole after it is drilled to log measurements for a short period.

Logging while drilling/measurement while drilling instruments are battery operated and they are part of the sensors placed on the drill bit.

Down hole instruments usually have multiple inputs. They must also enable digital monitoring of power supply. It goes without saying that they have to be highly reliable because there are many instances where they are operated in harsh environments.

Only some embedded engineers have the capability to develop and manufacture such custom power supplies. Modifying standard designs does not count.

The embedded engineer must be able to work with the customer to create the custom power supply that will work in tandem with instrument designs so that the custom power supply and the instrument deliver maximum performance with reliability for a long time.