Custom Power Supply and Their Special Considerations

Custom Power Supply is still in its age of infancy. As a result, the current applications of custom power supply can be placed in between the phase of initial adoption and proof of concept.  At present, there are no known reliable standards that allow suppliers or users to share performance expectations straightforwardly.

Therefore, user expectations are often not met even when the equipment’s performance is up to standards. In order to overcome this issue, custom power suppliers and users need to make a few considerations.

There are three main concerns when it comes to custom power supply and the devices to which it is applied.

Firstly, the operational features must be looked at. For instance, what are the capabilities of the equipment running on custom power supply? Or, what would happen if the capabilities are exceeded? Is the equipment reliable?

Secondly, the interactions with the powers system must be considered. For example, what harmonics and transients are generated by the equipment? Is there any unwanted interference with the system’s current protective devices? Are there any odd interactions between the custom power equipment and the loads?

Finally, the interactions with the other customers must also be considered.  For instance, does the custom power supply cause problems for other customers?