Custom Power Supply Solutions for LED Lighting


Do you need power factor correction for LED lighting? How does the increasing use of LED lighting influence the power grid?

Highly efficient power supplies can enable the use of energy conserving power solutions. Interestingly, the factors that influence the power supply to use for LED devices are similar to those that affect other applications.

However, there are some application specific factors and these have to be carefully considered when choosing a custom power supply (for LED applications).

Whether you are using a single driver or supply device or a multiple element power supply, the primary goal is the same. How to deliver a regulated, predictable and reliable supply of current to the LED module? Power levels in LED applications also vary.

Moreover, across the power range, there are significant variations in package shape and size. Environmental conditions are another factor. What kind of environment are you going to use the power supply in?

Sometimes, the power supply has to work in as low as -40 degrees to as high as 80 degrees. Like this, embedded engineers have to tackle many issues when choosing between a custom or standard power supply. In case they choose a custom power supply, they then have to worry about designing the custom power supply.