Decoupling and Interaction with Capacitors


Have you ever used multiple decoupling capacitors in parallel? If you have, you might know there are several challenges here. First, series inductance of the capacitors can cause resonant dips and peaks in the impedance response. Sometimes, at a frequency that can affect circuit operation.

So if you are using decoupling capacitors in parallel, you should make sure resonant peaks don’t causea problem in the circuit.

Custom power supplies manufacturers should keep this mind when they are designing circuits or the result won’t be up to the mark. You should also pay attention to the material you use to make your capacitors.

For example, if you are using high k ceramics, you might have some trouble with voltage dependency. High K ceramics have other advantages, so you have to weigh the costs against the benefits. If you are still benefiting, then you should can go ahead. There are many kinds of high k ceramics.

Another issues that embedded engineers need to tackle at the onset is printed board construction. Printed board construction also varies greatly by company and this can affect the impedance of the power supply. So there are many factors to consider when you are making a custom power supply.