Describing an Intelligent Gateway

“IoT 2.0” has become the most commonly used term in the world of technology in recent times. But it is defined differently by different people. The Intelligent Gateway segment is perhaps the fastest growing area as far as the IoT gateway market is concerned.

Some people describe “IoT 2.0” as the branching out of cellular connectivity into several different kinds of connectivity. It has also been defined as the pushing of intelligence out from the cloud, down towards the edge and a fresh approach to device security and interoperability.

And what is an intelligent gateway? An intelligent gateway basically allows the creation and utilization of a huge variety of connected services and applications for Greenfield and brownfield environments. In other words, an intelligent gateway should support advanced environments and advanced computing. And since a greater amount of information is being collected as well as processed near the edge, embedded intelligent security systems are gaining a lot of importance.

One thing is becoming clear as far as the connection between intelligent gateways and business operations is concerned. With the increasing urgency and frequency, there is a demand for customized software and application hardware platform which is purpose-built to meet the particular needs of a business.