Designing Custom power Supplies

Embedded engineers who have designed and manufactured custom power supplies will tell you the process (making custom power supplies) is skill intensive and requires a lot of patience.

Custom power supplies must have high power density and should be very efficient. Moreover, custom power supplies are needed across a number of sectors such as medical, automation, telecom and ministry and industrial.

All this needs the dedicated services of a specialized engineering staff. The staff must have rich experience in the engineering of power supplies and high voltage applications.

Expertise in managing projects also helps. The design team must also be equipped with advanced analysis and computer design tools.

If you want to realize optimal solutions for specific requirements, you have to go for a custom power supply. When standard power supplies don’t address your power needs, this is the only option left.

On their part, custom power supply manufacturers need to use low risk, proven technologies to ensure the final device meets performance and cost specifications, without affecting time to market.

Sometimes, it requires highly intensive design processes and techniques like advanced simulation and thermal modeling.

The custom power supply manufacturer’s processes and people must work as one with the client’s own processes and people. This can ensure power specifications are achieved at an optimal cost while eliminating trade-offs in performance and potential ambiguities.